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Introduction Of Jodhpur City


Jodhpur is the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It was formerly the seat of a princely state of the same name, the capital of the kingdom known as Marwar. Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination, featuring many palaces, forts and temples, set in the stark landscape of the Thar desert.

The city is known as the Sun City for the bright, sunny weather it enjoys all year. It is also referred to as the Blue City due to the blue-painted houses around the Mehrangarh Fort. Jodhpur lies near the geographic centre of Rajasthan state, which makes it a convenient base for travel in a region much frequented by tourists. The old city of Jodhpur is surrounded by a thick stone wall

Jodhpur, one of the three sculpted cities of Rajasthan, opening its commercial heart for everyone who want to dive deep into the sea of Rajputana culture. Flanked on the western side by the Mehrangarh Fort and on the eastern side by the majestic sandstone palace of Umaid Bhawan.

The lifestyle in Jodhpur is unusually fascinating with folks wearing, artistically designed lovely costumes. Women folk wear wide gathered skirts and a hip length jacket, with three quarter length sleeves, covering the front and back. The colorful turbans worn by the men folk add more color to the city. It was from here that the popularity worn baggy - tight, horse riding trousers- ‘Jodhpurs’ took their name. Shopping in Jodhpur bazaars is a heady experience with a colorful display of the rich collection of exquisite handicrafts. The tie and dye fabric, embroidered ‘jutis’ or slippers in suede, camel skin, velvet add more colors to the city. Countless festivities celebrate the rich past and culture of the princely state. The Marwar Festival held annually is one such spectacular bonanza.


Jodhpur (Blue City)

Umaid Bhavan